Building up to your wedding, you want everything to be absolutely perfect, and this includes that beautiful smile. You’re probably never going to be in as many photographs as you will on your wedding day, so you might as well make sure the pearly whites are in their best condition.

In this guide, we’re exploring some of the things you can do to give your teeth the best chance of shining when the day comes.

Ways to Get Perfect Wedding Day Teeth

Let’s dive into the methods to get perfect wedding day teeth. Even if you’ve got insecurity and you don’t like your teeth very much, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do something about it.

Schedule a Consultation

Of course, dental care should be carried out with the help of a professional, and the best way to get the right care is to have a consultation with a dentist, or if you are worried about things like dental misalignment then you can always see an orthodontist.

A consultation might help to create a specific plan of action to make sure that any issues are dealt with, so try to go to the dentist far in advance of your actual wedding day to make sure that you have time to fix any problems.

Maintain Basic Oral Hygiene

We’d like to hope you are doing this already, but it is amazing how many people aren’t doing the right things to keep their teeth in the best condition.

Basic oral hygiene is about more than just brushing in the morning and again in the evening. You should be sure to incorporate flossing into your routine to make sure you have a minimal chance of infection or damage to your teeth. A quality, dentist-recommended mouthwash can also make all the difference. It would be an awful time to develop an issue.

Whiten Your Teeth for a Beautiful Smile

Whitening has continued to improve in recent years. You should only use safe methods, but there are plenty of options for whitening either at home or if you visit a dental surgeon.

There are actually some everyday substances that can whiten teeth, too. Did you know that brushing with baking soda can help to get rid of stains on your teeth and make them a lot more shiny white?

Certain brands of toothpaste also make whitening varieties that are effective and provide an easy way to make your teeth appear younger or more vibrant.

On top of that, it is claimed that pineapple can be an effective whitener. Some claim that pineapple can whiten teeth. It contains bromelain which is an enzyme that has been found to remove tooth stains when added to toothpaste, so it doesn’t hurt to consume pineapple in the runup to the wedding.

Foods and Drinks- the Good and the Bad!

There are certain things that most people know about teeth, but there are also some things that tend to surprise people.

Most people know that a diet that is rich in calcium can make all the difference, as calcium helps to protect enamel and prevent plaque and stains. There are other foods you may not be aware are as helpful. Chia seeds help build strong teeth, as well as being a source of calcium they contain vitamin A, fiber, and phosphorus which help with your oral and dental health.

Foods and drinks that are highly acidic can have the opposite effect, with things like coffee being a culprit for staining teeth and also breaking down the enamel. Sugar also ends to encourage dental issues from developing, so reducing it from your diet may help, even if you do love sweeter foods.

Consider Wedding Braces Before The Big Day

If you have alignment issues then it could be that you need to have braces before the big day, or even a retainer that can help you to get your teeth in the right shape for the wedding and to make sure you are happy to smile for the photographer.

Invisible braces are an option if you are likely to be self-conscious wearing them and giving your teeth the best chance to align perfectly.